For a list of qualifying certificates and degrees by institution, please visit the ADHE website.

Arkansas Workforce Challenge

Applications must be submitted before the qualifying program begins.

The Workforce Challenge Scholarship was created for workforce training in high demand areas: healthcare, information technology, and industry.  Classes are not limited to credit-bearing programs. Non-credit, workforce-training classes that fit into the three above categories may also qualify.

Applicants must:
  • Be an Arkansas resident
  • Must be a high school graduate or received high school equivalency
  • Cannot be a current recipient of the Academic Challenge Scholarship
  • Be accepted for admission into an approved program as defined by ADHE Occupation List for 2020-2021 Academic Year.

For more information and grant rules and regulation, please visit the ADHE website.

Arkansas Future Grant (ArFuture)

Applications must typically be submitted July 15th for fall and Jan 10th for spring.

The purpose of this grant is to increase the education and skills of Arkansas’s workforce.  The grant applies to students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) or regional high demand areas of study.  The grant will cover tuition and fees for qualifying certificate and Associate degree programs at Arkansas’ public institutions for eligible students.

Applicants must:

  • Have either graduated from an Arkansas public school, private school, home school or received high school equivalency diploma approved by the Department of Career Education; or
  • Verify that he or she has resided within the state for the three (3) years immediately preceding application and has either:
  • Graduated from an out-of-state high school, private school, home school or received a high school equivalency diploma approved by another state.
  • Be enrolled part-time or full-time at an approved institution of higher education in a program of study that leads to an associate degree or a certification in a STEM or regional high demand field.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

For more information and grant rules and regulation, please visit the ADHE website.

Explore Education

Arkansas public colleges, technical institutes, and universities offer certification programs that can be completed in as little as 4 weeks and degree programs that can take up to 2 years to complete.

Use the searchable directory below to find specific programs near you, degrees available in your career interest, training offered at specific schools, and more! Use the filters feature to customize your result display.

For a list of qualifying certificates and degrees by institution, please visit the ADHE website. For a complete list of Arkansas scholarships and requirements, visit the
ADHE website.


Arkansas needs YOU! There are job openings right now across the state in these areas. Training for these jobs could also be eligible for Arkansas scholarships. Depending on the profession, training can be completed in as little as 4 weeks.


  • From learning how to fly planes to manufacturing weapons, Arkansas is home to a surprisingly large aerospace and defense industry. If you are interested in military technology, want to build planes, love physics, or want to be a pilot, you may find your dream job in this career field!
  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in aerospace technology, aerospace/defense technology, aerospace fabrication and repair, aviation, aviation maintenance, avionics, military technologies, and more.  


  • Agriculture is one of Arkansas’s largest industries. Jobs range from farming to geospatial technology.


  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in agriculture, agriculture business, agriculture production management, forestry, geospatial technology, horticulture, natural resources, natural sciences, plant science, poultry science, paper/pulp technology, soil science, winemaking, and more.


  • The Arkansas auto industry is for people who like to work with their hands and solve problems. Whether it’s repairing a vehicle’s exterior or operating systems, careers can vary from specializing in passenger cars to large engine diesel vehicles.  Learn more about automotive related career paths at


  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in automotive service technology (climate control, drive train, brake specialist, engine performance), collision repair and refinishing technology, diesel technology, heavy truck diesel maintenance, and more.


  • Business and finance professionals often enjoy facts and figures an opportunity to put their analytical skills to use and are necessary in every industry.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in accounting, business analytics, finance, logistics management, and more.


  • Professionals working in the chemical and petroleum refining industry range from chemists to those ensuring worker and environmental safety.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in chemistry, environmental safety technology, environmental management/GIS technician, petroleum technology, and more.


  • The Arkansas information and computer technology industry is quickly expanding with careers related to computer science, software development, computer networks, web development, and much more.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in Cisco networking, cloud computing, computer graphic technology, computer information technology, computer maintenance and repair, computer networking, computer programming, cybersecurity, electronics and computer technology, health information technology, information technology, java programming, Linux networking, mathematics and computer science, Microsoft operating systems, mobile applications, Novell Netware, simulation and game design, software development, user experience design and web/mobile development, web development, webmaster certification, and more.


  • The construction industry serves the entire state of Arkansas with major projects in more urban communities. If you enjoy working outside, operating heavy machinery, seeing a project through start to finish, and having job security, a career in construction may be right for you!

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in architecture and building construction, construction management, construction science, construction welding, heavy equipment operation, surveying, and more.


  • While police officers make up a large portion of the professionals working in law enforcement, there are many more career options that you may want to consider from FBI agent to computer forensic specialist.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in crime scene investigation, criminal justice, criminal justice technology, computer forensics, correctional law enforcement, forensic science, jail standards, law enforcement administration, public safety, wildlife and fisheries enforcement, and more.


  • An education degree can be the beginning of your career as a teacher or certify you to work in early childhood care settings.
  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in early childhood education and pre-teaching degrees for K-12 education.


  • An education technology certification can qualify you to meet online learning coordination and management needs of educational institutions, a growing need across Arkansas.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in video production and distance learning technology, teaching with technology, and more.


  • The energy industry includes careers related to utilities, power plants, environmental sciences, engineering, and much more.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in environmental regulatory sciences, nuclear technology, power plant operations, power plant technology, renewable energy technology, and more.


  • Engineers are needed in many of these Arkansas industries, including construction and manufacturing. While you may think that a 4-year degree and beyond is your only engineering education choice, you’ll find some Arkansas schools offer training in two years or less.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in building performance analyst, computer aided drafting and design, drafting, engineering technology, mechanical drafting, mechanical engineering technology, pre-engineering, and more.
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  • Arkansas’s healthcare industry is home to careers in medicine, nursing, medical technology and research, physical therapy, and much more. You may want to consider a career in healthcare if you like learning about the human body, want to help people feel better, or enjoy studying health, science, or math.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in biomedical electronics technology, cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary technology, dental assisting/hygiene, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), health science, medical assistant, medical imaging, medical laboratory science, medical transcription, paramedic, phlebotomy, radiography, surgical technology, nursing (nursing assistant, licensed practical nursing, registered nursing), occupational therapy assistant, pharmacy technician, physical therapist assistant, respiratory therapy, and more.


  • Arkansas needs more skilled workers that can maintain and repair heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Many Arkansas schools connect students with local industry internships designed to lead to immediate employment.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, + refrigeration technology, energy control technology, heating, and more.


  • Food service management and hotel management are booming careers in parts of Arkansas with higher populations and tourism. If you enjoy baking, cooking, event planning, hosting guests, or managing teams, this may be the career field for you!

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in baking and pastry arts, culinary arts, event planning, hospitality and tourism administration, hospitality management, and more.


  • Arkansas is home to plants processing food and manufacturing paper goods, ammunition, healthcare products, steel, equipment, parts, and more. Industrial maintenance professionals are responsible for the upkeep and repair of factory machinery and equipment. Due to a skilled labor shortage in industrial maintenance technology, you could walk out of training into a high paying job!

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in automated manufacturing systems technology, electrical systems, electromechanical technology, industrial control systems, industrial electronic technology, industrial equipment repair, industrial technology, industrial multicraft technology, machining technology, mechatronics, process technology, robotics, programmable logic controllers (PLC), steel industry technology, and more.


  • In today’s digital world, media production and marketing professionals work closely together to achieve branding and promotion goals. In many organizations, they are the same person!

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in desktop publishing, digital design, digital media production, graphic communications and design, multimedia audio/video production, multimedia graphics technology, production technician, radio broadcasting, social media management, and more.


  • Statistics and analytics are used across all Arkansas industries to measure performance and outcomes. If you enjoy math, identifying patterns in data, and reporting, you may enjoy playing this key role for a business or organization.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in data analytics, business analytics, mathematics and computer science, statistics, and more.


  • Arkansas is home to almost 5,000 trucking companies that are desperately searching for licensed tractor and trailer drivers. If you enjoy being on the open road, training is quick, and you will be able to work as much as you want.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in commercial driver training (CDL) and truck driving.


  • Animal lovers may find their dream job as a veterinary technician – assisting veterinarians in blood work, x rays, and other treatments and tasks.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for veterinary technology education programs.


  • Arkansas welders and pipe welders can work in multiple industries, like manufacturing, construction, and natural gas. Welding is an extremely mobile career making it ideal for those who enjoy travel and working with their hands. Welding certification programs can take from 4 weeks to 16 weeks.

  • Arkansas scholarships are available for education in construction welding, flux-core welding, gas metal arc welding, manufacturing welding, shielded metal arc welding, metal inert gas welding, pipe welding, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, weld inspection, welding technology, and more.
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